Rise of the Patent Troll: An "Everything is a Remix" Special Presentation

by Kirby Ferguson

This is Not a Conspiracy Theory has launched

by Kirby Ferguson

I'm very pleased -- and fairly relieved -- to announce that This is Not a Conspiracy Theory has officially launched. The first installment can be viewed for free at the link above. To see future episodes you will need to subscribe. Launch price is $12. The price will rise to $15 later.

This project has been my labor of love for the past couple years and I hope you will you enjoy it.

Everything is a Remix Case Study: The iPhone

by Kirby Ferguson

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Written & Produced by Kirby Ferguson

Additional Research by Garrett Weinholtz

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The original four-part Everything is a Remix series can be seen here.

This video is not part five of Everything is a Remix, nor is it the beginning of a new series. It's a standalone video.

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