Rise of the Patent Troll: An "Everything is a Remix" Special Presentation

by Kirby Ferguson

This is Not a Conspiracy Theory has launched

by Kirby Ferguson

I'm very pleased -- and fairly relieved -- to announce that This is Not a Conspiracy Theory has officially launched. The first installment can be viewed for free at the link above. To see future episodes you will need to subscribe. Launch price is $12. The price will rise to $15 later.

This project has been my labor of love for the past couple years and I hope you will you enjoy it.

Everything is a Remix Case Study: The iPhone

by Kirby Ferguson

Brought to you by iStock by Getty Images

Written & Produced by Kirby Ferguson

Additional Research by Garrett Weinholtz

My next series, This is Not a Conspiracy Theory, will be launching soon. To be notified when it does, please sign up for the mailing list. You can even rid yourself of unwanted currency by pre-ordering now. You can also follow the series on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

The original four-part Everything is a Remix series can be seen here.

This video is not part five of Everything is a Remix, nor is it the beginning of a new series. It's a standalone video.

This video can also be viewed on YouTube.

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Things are going to pick up

by Kirby Ferguson

Howdy folks.

Sorry for the long silence. I was very deep in development for my next project and also doing commission work for much of the summer. Anyway, new stuff is imminent. Here's what's coming soon. 

Two new Everything is a Remix videos will be coming out this year. These will be shorter, more streamlined videos that cover a particular topic. The first one will be about the iPhone. These videos were made possible by my friends at iStock. I've also done a three-part series for them about getting the most out of stock in video work.

If you wanted an Everything is a Remix t-shirt, you will soon have the chance. It only took a year-and-a-half!

My next video series, This is Not a Conspiracy Theory, will be launching on November 24. I premiered a rough cut of an excerpt at XOXO in Portland and the reception was very encouraging. After being in development so long, it was gratifying -- and relieving -- to see that I hadn't gone off the rails.

Unlike Remix, you will need to purchase This is Not a Conspiracy Theory. If you already know you want to subscribe and you missed the KickStarter campaign, you can even pre-order right now. For $12 you'll get the full  series via digital download. It will have no DRM, no regional limitations, and will be subtitled in multiple languages. DVDs and BluRays will be available